Beyond the Binary: Mindfulness of Gender

October 21


10:00 am - 04:30 pm

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East Bay Meditation Center

285 17th St

Oakland, CA, United States, 94612

Beyond the Binary: Mindfulness of Gender

We extend a special invitation to those who identity as non-binary, gender nonconforming and their allies.

Event Description:
What does it mean to be a boy? woman? genderqueer? gender nonconforming? transgender? agender? or none of the above? Gender identities and presentations profoundly impact all areas of our lives. Through meditations and interactive activities, we will embrace our experiences and explore our conditioning around gender and the dynamics of gender that are alive for each of us. As we open to all aspects of ourselves and others, we can nurture a world that is founded in inclusivity and freedom for all.

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About the Teachers:
Rene Rivera has been a student of the Dharma since 2004 and has practiced at EBMC since 2008. He has participated in the Commit 2 Dharma and Practice in Action programs at EBMC and the Community Dharma Leaders program at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. He also serves as board member and diversity chair at Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

Bri Barnett has been leading mindfulness since participating in the 2015/16 Practice in Transformative Action 3 (PiTA3) training through East Bay Meditation Center. They later apprenticed for the PiTA4 program and have lead mindfulness workshops for TGNC people and social change agents. Professionally, Bri is a fundraiser for Paid Leave for the United States, a non-profit working to win paid parental, care-giving, and medical leave for everyone in the U.S. They have also designed and implemented fundraising systems and events for the SF LGBT Center and Horizons Young Professionals for Equality.

Louije Kim is an Oakland-based therapist and dharma practitioner who has been cultivating a Vipassana practice since 2009. Louije completed the East Bay Meditation Center’s Commit to Dharma program in 2012 and is a graduate of Spirit Rock’s most Dedicated Practitioner Program and Community Dharma Leader Program.. Currently, they are in the Spirit Rock teacher training. They are deeply committed to the personal and collective liberation of local communities.

JD Doyle co-founded of the LGBTQI meditation group at EBMC. JD is in the Spirit Rock teacher-training program, has participated in the Dedicated Practitioner Program and the Community Dharma Leader Program. JD has practiced Theravada Buddhism since 1995 in the U.S., Thailand, and Burma. They worked as a public school teacher for 25 years. They are committed to celebrating the diversity of our human sangha, addressing the impact of racism on our communities, and living in ways that honor the sacredness of the Earth.

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Cost: The teachings are regarded as priceless and they are offered without a fee. You are invited to support the teachings and our efforts by contributing voluntary donations (the practice of “Dana”) for the expenses of the meditation center and the support of the teachers.

In order to protect the health of community members with environmental illness, please do not wear fragranced products (including “natural” fragrances) or clothes laundered in fragranced products to EBMC.

East Bay Meditation Center is wheelchair accessible.