March To Shut Down The Cal Poly Slaughterhouse

October 5


12:00 pm - 03:30 pm


Dexter Lawn

Cal Poly

San Luis Obispo, CA, United States, 93407

We are marching to shut down the Cal Poly Slaughterhouse.

Cal Poly is a school of agriculture and engineering. On their campus, they separate calves from their mothers and force them into small hutches. They shove hens into crowded barns and wire cages. They cut the tails off of piglets, notch their ears, and force them to live on barren concrete. And there is even a slaughterhouse on site where these animals are killed. But, worst of all, Cal Poly students are being taught that this violence towards animals is acceptable.

In April of this year, two activists, Zoe Rosenberg and Julianne Perry, chained themselves to the slaughterhouse chute at Cal Poly. This was in attempt to save the life of a baby cow, who they named Justice. Thousands called, emailed, and posted to Cal Poly, asking #WhereIsJustice. Our cries were ignored, and Justice was killed.

But on October 5th, we are going back to where it all began. We will be marching from Dexter Lawn to the Cal Poly Slaughterhouse. On our way, we will stop at the Administrations Office and tell them what we think, and we will march by the dairy unit, part of the beef unit, and the poultry unit, where we will bear witness to suffering animals.

WHERE: We will be meeting on Dexter Lawn

WHEN: October 5th from 12 pm – 3:30 PM

WEAR: Please dress somewhat nicely as the tone of this action and march will be serious.