SF Movement Arts Festival

January 25


06:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

1100 California St

San Francisco, CA, United States, 94108

Over 250+ Local Artists in Dance, Theater, Music & Visual Arts – SFMAF 2019 is celebrating the movement arts & turning the entire Cathedral into a stage – including the main floor, attached chapels, hallways, stairways and front entry way. As you enter the Cathedral, multiple STATIONS of the Movement (performances) will be going on, simultaneously, throughout the grand church. Stroll around, at your own pace, witness the artists once and go back to see some favorites.

Like going to a Farmer’s Market, but instead of produce it’s performances.

Each STATION of the Movement (12+) will have up to six groups performing & rotating short pieces (4 minutes or less). Each STATION will be it’s own mix repertoire to include modern dance; ballet; ethnic; hip-hop; ballroom dancing; Movement Choirs and much more. In addition, artists will be attacking subjects of female empowerment; artistic beauty; social issues; cultural heritage; personal lost; family love and beyond.

Like getting 12 shows (12 mix repertoires) for the price of one!!

NEWS FLASH: There will be a 50+ person choir singing for the “pre-show” starting at 6pm. (Festival officially starts at 7pm).

There’ll be a 10 person choir singing at one of the Stations.

There’ll be a few visiting local artists from AFAR – Los Angeles; Santa Barbara; New York; Sacramento and others – bringing their local art, to help celebrate our local art in the Bay Area.

There’ll be a few female choreographers showing their work – while their own daughters perform in the festival!!

There’ll be 2 STATIONS filled with live musicians – with dancers performing to that music. Two “LIVE Music Movement Festivals” within a Movement Arts Festival … Festivals within a Festivals!

The duration of the main part of the festival will be less than 2 hours and will be capped off with a brief announcement – followed with the main dance piece, at the main altar at the center of the our Cathedr44al. At the end, you’re invited to a “meet & greet”, on the main floor, with the artists – tell them what you liked & even thank them personally.

NOTE: Pre-show starts at 6:00pm and the Box Office also opens at 6:00pm – they’ll be plenty of pre-show entertainment starting at 6:00pm. You won’t want to miss this. Come early.

NOTE: Main show starts at 7:00pm – or a few minutes early.

Try not to see everything but enjoy what you do see.

(( Children 7 yrs and above welcome ))

ARTISTS Performing (partial list)

OPENING Pre-Show …. !!
Mayflower Singing Choir (50+ people)
Dancers & Models / Photo Booth / more…

Anandha Ray’s Quimera Tribe Ritual Dance.

Anandha Ray (Quimera Tribe)
Joan Lazarus Dancers
San Jose Dance Theater
Lily Cai Chinese Dancers
Oakland Dance Festival
DANCE-A-VISION (Carla S Dancer)
sjDanceCo (Maria Basile)
Robin Bisio (SoCA & co-curator)
Lani Dickinson (Robert Dekkers work)
Kristin Carpenter Torok
LV Dance Collective
Sebastian Saephanh
Martha L. Z. Pamintuan
No Strings Attached (Lissa Resnick)
Lisa Resnick
Visceral Roots Dance Co
Ashley Gayle
Noah James
Carla S Dancer
Linda Hurkmans
Mariana Sobral
EMotion Arts
Kelsey Morgaine (LA)
Jennine Charles
Kimberly Charles (solo+)
Fyber Vision (Elke )
Erin Parsley Dance
James Brosnahan iii
Kiplinn Sagmiller (In Spirit !!)
Dacia Biletnikoff
Requisitedance (Jenna Monroe)
Linda Steele II (solo)
Linda Steele II (ensemble)
Hayley Bowmen Dance Co
John Ligda & Juliet Sikora (Live Visual Artists)
Dance Wright Project
Jamie Wright
Hein Huynh (solo)
For Change Dance Collective
Claire Calalo Berry
Alyssandra Wu
Lucy Chen (Dancing with Lily Cai Co)
Corina Chan (Kathy Mata Ballet)
Lucia August/Everybody Can Dance
Bernard Vash (actor)
Alyssa Mitchel
RubansRougesDance/Noelle Andersson (LA)
Naina Shastri (solo)
Caroline Lavikis Dance Company
Condanza Reportary Dance
Sarita Persaud
Degollado Cesar
Anupama Srivastava’s Dancers
Anupama Srivastava (solo)
Megan Horowitz
Marlene Garcia
Coleen Lorenz (duet)
Coleen Lorenz’s Dancers
Es Co
Palm Dance Co
Carisa Carroll
Ida Mayer +
Alice Pang
Jaq H.Dalziel
Open City Dance
April Hatton
Olivia Schlanger
Fabi Santiago’s Dancers
Fabi Santiago (solo & model)
Marissa Head’s Dancers
Wednesday Manners +
Amelia Nommensen
Karri Mae Becker (aerial)
SF Pole & Dance
Amy Bond (Pole Dancer)

Co-sponsors / Supporters include:
Robin Bisio
Joe Landini
Oakland Dance Festival
Grace Cathedral !!

This is our 4th year at Grace Cathedral (seven year event) celebrating dance and local movement arts of San Francisco Bay Area. This is a Non-profit 501c3 event. Please visit our web pages for more info & we are on Facebook:

FB: San Francisco Movement Arts Festival
email: BayAreaDanceWatch@gmail.com

No Refunds